The Awakening releases on this Freya’s day!

Friday is the day of love and desire

The secret chieftain, Viking bear Bjorn and me are celebrating the release of the second Tale of Freya on this Freya’s day:  The Awakening – Embrace beyond Passion! The Awakening by Sarah Dahl

The story of Viking farmer’s wife Ingrid and her liberation is the next stand-alone sensual short story after The Current. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us, and where I beach our dragonboat with this one! All I can hope is that you’ll stay aboard and enjoy the voyage to new shores.

But wait, you Viking experts say, how can I claim that Fridays are Freya’s days, when Viking enthusiasts know that the day’s name derives from Odin’s wife Frigg? Me and my personal Viking assistant Bjorn, we argue our case that both were the same goddess, as you will see below.

But first, let me share our release day-picture. Chief-bear Bjorn was so embarrassed about my Viking crap hat on the last release, he insisted on arranging this official release picture himself:The Awakening - Release pic Bjorn by Sarah Dahl

Bjorn thinks this is way better and nicely shows off his authentic gear that is so in keeping with the lovely lady on the cover … He always has a lot to say about authenticity, which brings me to:

The role of the Viking goddess Freya in the Tales of Freya

For the covers, the wonderful Marisa-rose Shor and me decided on an image of what could represent the Viking goddess of love, fertility, lust, and war, because she embodies all the themes and topics on my collection of stories:

She’s certainly a passionate seeker after pleasures and thrills, but she’s a lot more than only that. (

And this is exactly what my little passionate stories are about, too:

In a world of crackling fires and rough landscapes, long winters and bloody raids, the immediacy of life and death ignites undeniable passions. Warriors and monks, healers and housewives – all follow the call of their hearts and bodies to indulge in pleasures that may forever change their lives …

As you can see in this series blurb, we cover many thrilling and moving topics and themes in the Tales. The protagonists are very different and everyone has their own journey and major changes to undergo to reach a more fulfilled life – if they just listen to their real desires. With their ancient world so deeply rooted in myths and mythology, it was an easy decision to have the goddess Freya on the covers to embody all these journeys of love, desire, and adventure.

And just as my protagonists in The Awakening develop and emerge after their journeys as different people, the goddess herself and the myths around her are an example of ongoing change and development:

Frigg and Freya – the same personage with different names

In Viking mythology Frigg is the wife of Odin and her name means “Beloved”. Her name’s translation relates to the very things attributed to Freya – love, lust, fertility. We can quite safely assume that both goddesses derive from the same Germanic goddess as a root.

Frigg’s name therefore links her to love and desire, precisely the areas of life over which Freya presides (…) Here again we can discern the ultimate reducibility of both goddesses to one another: one’s name is identical to the other’s attributes, and the other name is a generic title rather than a unique name. Clearly, then, the two are ultimately the same goddess. (

And as Frigg is seen as the origin of the weekday “Friday”, we can now attribute the day to Freya – the figurehead for my Tales of Freya – just as well!

Frigg and Freya were only nominally distinct figures by the late Viking Age, when our sources were recorded, and that these two figures, who had formerly been the same deity, were still practically the same personage in everything but name. (

From now on, my Fridays are for her, my Freya’s days, and I will release her every Tale on this weekday only! 🙂 Hail, Freya!

And the best of luck to my protagonists and their moving, gripping journeys of love, lust and adventure. I think the goddess wouldn’t have rooted for you all 😉

Please find all my Tales on:

I hope you’ll enjoy this second Tale of Freya and will root for Ingrid and her beloved on their thrilling journey to metaphorical and real liberation – I can’t wait to hear your honest opinions as to what you make of them in “The Awakening”!


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