The Bear made me do it … Releasing “The Current”

Celebrating Release Day with crap hats and Viking beer

This week FINALLY marks the release of my collection of sensual short stories “Tales of Freya”, starting with “The Current – A Battle of Seduction”!

I can’t begin to describe how much work and thought goes into writing even one story, and now I set myself the task to coordinate this series, releasing one short after the other, over the course of the year. It’s so damn exciting, but also SO scary – and my mindset atm set to “banana” (which is Viking-sprech meaning all-over-the-place. Crazy).

Thank the gods, Viking bear Bjorn takes over

So I’m grateful my Viking bear Bjorn took over and arranged a release day celebration with pic:

The Current - A Battle of Seduction by Sarah Dahl

Midnight release of The Current – A Battle of Seduction with Bjorn and Sarah

That’s us there, with Icelandic beer, our favourite hats (only one of them being authentic, btw … Bjorn felt embarrassed for me, I tellya!), and the new book’s cover.


Prize draw!

Bjorn is holding a little bag there, can you see the emblem of a Viking ship?

That is for YOU.

In there are a number of small but precious goodies to give away, celebrating the launch of the series. They are authentic, Viking, and beauuuuutiful! I wanted to keep them all, but Bjorn was insistent that being a good chieftain I must share if I want to keep my Viking crew members aboard the dragonboat. That’s how it was done then: You raided together, chieftain distributed the loot, and hoped that the men and women would trust him enough to stay aboard and join him for more raids. Otherwise, they’d just move on to someone else’s boat. Uh oh.

So: If I listened to the bear and gave away these little gems, by doing a release week-prize draw, would anyone be willing to bear with me and stay aboard for this crazy journey?

More news on this to follow later in the week.

The Current by Sarah Dahl

The Current – A Battle of Seduction at no. 1!

For now: *insert Viking war cry* and YAY to Aldaith and Nyssa, my characters in “The Current”, for enticing the first readers enough so that they left a 5*-review AND made this little story no. 1 in the category “Norse & Icelandic”!

*gulps down beer in disbelief*

*takes off the crap hat with apologetic look at Bjorn*

Greetings from the bear! In truth, I think he is the real chieftain on this raid … 😉

HAPPY READING and THANKS A MILLION for your support in this! Here’s to more successful raids and a lot of goodies to distribute among us all 🙂 Sarah Dahl

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