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Readers’ reviews for the German “Tilda and Leo” at
All five stars!
Editorial reviews for the “Tales of Freya” series/stories:

J.D. Lexx, Author of The Crimson Confessions (about Tales of Freya, The Current):

Sarah Dahl brings a crisp, contemporary voice to an ages-old world of battle, bloodshed and primal indulgences. Her refreshing style not only draws the reader back into ancient times; it brings the characters to us, allowing us to meet in the middle for a vibrant and accessible experience.

From two ravaged warriors reaping the spoils of war to the sensuality of a medieval menage, Ms. Dahl has a way of making scars sexy and luring out the vulnerability in the invulnerable.


Elaine Coetzee, Author of Runo’s Curse (about Tales of Freya, The Current):

Sarah Dahl is a fresh voice in the literary world that will make readers tingle with excitement. Her sensual Viking romance series (Tales of Freya) will drag you into a world history just can’t seem to forget, and everyone still finds fascinating. With her unique writing style and in-depth knowledge of this bygone era, she brings the world of clashing swords, dashing warriors, and strong independent shield maidens to life.

‘The Current’ centres on the story of Aldaith and Nyssa – a handsome warrior who finds his match in Nyssa, a skilled and deadly shield maiden. With a few masterful strokes of her proverbial pen, Sarah Dahl brings the two characters to life. We can hear the rushing water, feel Aldaith’s frustration and excitement, and see the ancient, once magical world clearly through her vivid, descriptive writing.
Sarah does not disappoint with this short, yet masterful piece. Brutality turns into sensuality in an instant, leaving the reader satisfied, yet craving more. Her writing is addictive, and every story in this brand new and exciting series is sure to thrill and delight.


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