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Here I pass on which links helped me in developing as a writer, person, professional, whatever. Only my most favourite blogs and sites go here. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Author blogs My beloved writing buddy, various genres and great attitude! A friendly and very helpful resource for writers Chuck Wendig is hilariously funny, but so professional! Sacha is a very creative and helpful blogger, tons of tips for writers! Joanna Penn is a writing pro with tons of tips and help! David is a very helpful pro with tons of experience! NationalNovelWritingMonth blogs! Tons of advice for the craft Editor and writer giving her insights Author for authors A group of authors blogging about the craft and industry Says it all! Nick Daws’ blog about all things writing and publishing K.M. Weiland is a helpful pro with tons of advise


Research Viking Age History and combat methods relived! Viking, Norman, Anglo-Saxon Reenactment site with EN-Old Norse/shipbuilding etc. dictionaries, timelines, tons of info! Awesome resource for all questions Viking! Old Norse Mythology website by a passionate historian! Early Medieval Archaeology Project As it says! A resouce guide on Norse Mythology, with thanks to the expert young writer Ashley 😉 Danish Viking resource Timeline of Art History, incl. Vikings and sliding timeline

PLUS for research on Viking clothing, jewellery, accessories, hairstyles, handicrafts, needlework etc., etc., for me Pinterest is the place to go and SEE what it looked like! A wealth of passionate Viking (and other periods) fans who share all their precious items in pictures!

You can find my own Viking research pics there, too, plus some HistoryChannel Vikings and Yummy eyecandy, too …


Other sites THE site for motivating writers around the world says it all! Get all the info to get that important ISBN for your work

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