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  the Viking writing adventure continues …

 The latest:
  • Christmas approaches, and I was lucky to sell “Tilda & Leo” at a local Christmas market too cute for words.
    13 of my babies found new homes or hospital beds!

    You can see pics of that on my Pinterest-page. All I can say is: people were SO lovely, the sale was a big success, and all the yummy cake was FREE! I’ll definitely take part again next year 🙂

  • I’ve revamped the visual look of my writer-personality and worked with a designer (the lovely Marisa Shor) to create a Viking-themed logo (“branding”) mainlogothat fits the stories I write and should be recognisable for readers. You can see the results in the header, signature etc., and I hope it captures the Viking spirit in my adventures/romances pefectly. 🙂 Why don’t you let me know what you think about it in the comments?
  • My WIP (work in progress), working title: Birth of a Shieldmaiden, is currently resting and awaiting revisions/editing. It’s a Viking adventure about a young, headstrong woman hunting her and her family’s tormentor down – and discovering a life-changing secret. I’m going back to major revisions as we speak.
  • I’m currently working on several Viking Romance short stories, so soon we can enjoy a trilogy or fourlogy of steamy, brutal and passionate Viking adventures! Keep your eyes peeled and sign up for the Alert so you’ll be first to read it all! Here’s a teaser snippet from the upcoming “The Monk”: teasersnippet0
  • My German historical novel Tilda & Leo – Der Löwe im Pfarrhauscover_final_4_ebook is now available as a paperback in its second printrun (!) with the publisher aixnetwork media, or for Kindle at Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, and as ebook at all major German online stores, for example Weltbild, Thalia, Mayersche…! It is my first novel in German, set in the rural Eifel of 1880, and I’m so proud of the moving story about a servant-girl stumbling across a strange runaway-boy in the attic of the rectory where she works. It’s a tale about friendship, courage and chasing your dreams. Read more about it here and on my German author site, sarah-scarlett-schneider.de

And talking about Tilda:

  • I did my very first reading! It was so scary, but sooo amazing in the end! Read all about how I brought “Tilda & Leo” alive here, with pics and links and even my to-do list of the day 😉


  • The writers with Erik’s runestone

    This year, I went back to the Vikings museum of Haithabu/Hedeby in northern Germany, for inspiration and research, together with my writing buddy Eremi Amabebe. We strolled through the ancient grounds, walked on the defensive wall like the guards did 1100 years ago, sat in the Viking town houses, and soaked up the atmosphere on the pier and by the waters of the Slien! Over breakfast and dinner we talked writing, Vikings, and life in general. It was the best trip ever! I put my  pictures of the Viking market and town on Pinterest.

  • IMG_20151103_105400The last magazine instalment of Tilda und Leo was published in the German Glanzpunkt Eifel and the whole series can be read online here!


  • I wrote my latest Viking-themed short story, Maelstrom, in just one frenzied session. It was then thoroughly edited as a competition entry. It is my take on a very dark subject. “(…) She was still bleeding as she sat crooked on the stone, looking down on the cliff, her legs warm from the fluid. The smell sickened her. But more so the crying … ” continue
  • In a flash, I wrote a Viking Romance short story inspired by my visit to Hedeby, enjoy The Shapes of Fire, free of course: “(…) He lifted a hand, blackened with soot, and his thumb grazed my cheekbone, then slid to my neck. So delicate was his touch, he set me on fire like a flame would dry wood …” continue
  • I set up a Mailing List, and subscribers will be the FIRST to hear about new books/stories and blog posts. I only want it to be a Book/Blog Alert. I have no intention to clutter your inbox and will keep your address safe, so let’s hook up!

Other resources: I’m always happy to meet new book-loving people and love to talk all things writing, reading and books (well, and real Viking research finds, yummy men, northern lights, owls …) on my Twitter or Facebook and Pinterest! Let’s connect and interact!

About me: You can read my blog posts or author’s interview, and check out my bio.

My Norwegian Fosse troll...
My hairy muse

Basically, it never stops, and I find myself taking notes where I walk and roam: late at night, first thing in the morning, in the bathroom, the kids’ bedrooms, during yoga lessons, while shopping, gardening …  my muse, a little Norwegian Fosse-troll, loves to strike me at the most inconvenient times — I guess he just likes to tease me!





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    ich finde die Website gut!
    Wichtig ist auch, dass du direkt auf der Home Seite ein Bild platziert hast.
    So hat man direkt einen Bezug zu dir!
    Die Aufteilung finde ich sehr übersichtlich.
    Sehr schön :-)!!!

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