Tower – Unchained by Love

New release July 6!
– The sixth in the “Tales of Freya” collection of sensual short stories set in the Viking age –

Young Viking Myskia lands on Irish shores to rescue his lover Adisa from the clutches of his family’s enemy Raven. After a fierce duel, Myskia finds himself in the confined walls of a strange tower, facing Adisa. Their reunion turns out to be very different than what he imagined. Can the passion they once shared break down the walls that have grown between them after months of slavery? Or has she changed in ways he’s unprepared for?

“Sarah Dahl brings a crisp, contemporary voice to an ages-old world of battle, bloodshed and primal indulgences.” – J.D. Lexx

“Her sensual Viking romance series (Tales of Freya) will drag you into a world history just can’t seem to forget, and everyone still finds fascinating. With her unique writing style and in-depth knowledge of this bygone era, she brings the world of clashing swords, dashing warriors, and strong, independent shield maidens to life.” – Elaine Coetzee


Adisa’s fingertips touched Myskia’s tunic, hesitant. Trembling hands slowly pushed up the blood-soaked fabric. Her cheeks coloured more with every inch of skin she revealed.

He whispered, “It’s just me, Adisa. You’ve done this before.”

The shirt slid to the floor. She stood still. Her gaze wandered over the mud, grease, and blood on his forearms and neck. “I’ve never seen you like this. You look,” her finger shyly traced his shoulder, “so strong when you’re this dirty.” Her laugh sounded incredulous.

He didn’t laugh. “But you were the strong one.”

Eyes closed, she ran a finger down the bulge of his biceps. A slow smile spread on her face which was now heated from something other than rage.

His heartbeat sped up. “Don’t push it, Adisa …. You wouldn’t want them to find us,” he looked straight at her, “making love?”

Her eyes flew open, and the blush deepened. “You!” She thumped a fist against his chest. “But yes. When we’re home I want you to erase him from my mind, Myskia. Replace his cruel hands with yours.”

“That should be easy.” He slid his finger up her scarred arms and under the fabric of her sleeves, caressing her tormented skin. Goosebumps erupted under his touch. It felt amazing. He reached out to caress her cheek. “I’ll make you forget.”

Their lips met, and careful, tender, sparks prickled from his mouth to his neck, lighting a fire that set his entire skin alight. He saw: The fire in her eyes had not died. The realisation made his heart jump with joy. Moulding her against him, he tipped back the hood. His finger traced the line of her neck, felt soft hair rise at his touch. “We might not get out with our lives.”

A shiver ran through her. “If we don’t make it back, if they catch us —”

His hands ran down her arms, grabbed her hands. “Then we’ll at least have celebrated our reunion.”

Tower – Unchained by Love

Available: July 6th, 2018