The Current – A Battle of Seduction

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– The first in the “Tales of Freya” series of sensual short stories set in the Viking age –


The warrior Aldaith meets his real match only after the battle …
Marked from the latest battle, Aldaith wants to recover by a stream. But instead of finding solitude, he stumbles on the fearless shield maiden Nyssa. The fierce beauty invites Aldaith into the water to engage in a very different kind of battle — one for which his training leaves him unprepared.

“Ms. Dahl has a way of making scars sexy and luring out the vulnerability in the invulnerable.” – J.D. Lexx


“Brutality turns into sensuality in an instant, leaving the reader satisfied, yet craving more.” – Elaine Coetzee



“What do you think?” he asked in a firm, confident voice that sounded more like the fighter in him … the fighter who was now clawing at his surface, demanding to get out. “Who’s got more?”
She laughed. “It’s not the number but the quality that counts.” She flashed him a gorgeous smile.
He ignored the heatwave that hit him, smiling back. “You mean to say yours are more honourable?”
Her gaze hardened, as did her voice, “I mean to say, every one of my wounds stands for a dead body out there.”
His smile froze at the truth of her words. Her soft, slender body didn’t fit the image of a savage killer, but she was fiercer, more brutal in her efficiency than most men. Always one step ahead, determined until her enemies stopped moving. Focussed to the last stab of her knife, she had bent down and looked into every dead face before she left the battlefield.
“That’s impressive. I can’t say that of mine.”
“Let me see them.” Her eyes beckoned him over, lingering over a gash below his hip that was dangerously close to more valuable parts of his body. Parts that now screamed for her attention. He widened his stance. Fighting mode, his pulse whispered, and yet he forced his muscles to be still.
“Some are quite …” her husky voice lowered, “impressive.”
“That’s not the deepest cut, and you know it.” He willed her eyes to his erection.
She gave him nothing but a cheeky grin. “What I really mean to say is … get in here, you’re filthy.”
Aldaith yielded with a belly-laugh, and his shoulders relaxed as his gaze released her. He slowly knelt, dipping a hand into the water.
“Are you serious? Afraid of the cold, mighty warrior?”
“I’m just giving you time to back down.” He looked up, and the muscles on his arm bulged as he leaned forward.
Her eyes widened just a little; the teasing hand stilled on her neck.
“I saw the effect the cold has on your …” His look deliberately slid to where her chest disappeared.
She just laughed at him, a hearty, earthy laugh that sent a shiver down his spine and made his pulse race.
With one push of his hand, he slid into the water.


The story of Aldaith and Nyssa continues in the Tale “Bonds – Under the Armour“!

The Current –  A Battle of Seduction

Available: 24th April 2017