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As an author in today’s digital world, whether you are publishing the traditional way or opting to self-publish, a certain interaction with your audience and fellow writers is vital (and fun!). When it comes to social media, I often feel like I have to catch up on developments, as there is a whole huge world out there (on the internet) that I have to try and use for my own needs, too. And I was slow to begin with. But now I am sticking my neck out there, I want to present myself, interact, display and communicate. Thus, using social media tools of my choice is an adventure, but so exciting and fruitful!

It still feels a little strange, like virgin soil, but I chose to go with the (to me) obvious for now, and am expanding on various social media sites, to get connected and involved with other writers and readers. My choice thus was Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest , to expand and experiment. It is fun and easier than I thought! I learned so much, and still am.

On Pinterest you can find boards about writing, inspiration, coffee time, research for my projects, for example a specialised board for Viking Age research pics, such as clothing, house interiors, items of daily life, weapons, etc. Another one contains photos of research tours I do to prepare my next novel that will be set in the rural Eifel, Germany, 19th century (pics below taken by me).


I visit old villages, architecture, museums, churches, etc.



I expand and add as I unearth more treasures.

GO visit my boards and let me know what you think in your comments!

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