A serialised novel for a magazine!

I am very excited about a new project that fell onto my feet when I wasn’t expecting it. A local magazine entrusted me with writing a serialised novel for their monthly issues!

Out of the blue, from a moment’s brainstorming. Of course I was thrilled and am really excited. I went and bought myself some crisp, white notebooks to gather my ideas and research findings. There’s nothing more exciting for any writer, isn’t there?

The publisher wants the serialised novel to appeal to the magazine’s audience, of course. So we agreed it would be historical, incorporate the area of the Eifel – more specifically the Northern, submountainous part – and have a generally positive atmosphere. I can choose the period, setting, characters and genre on my own, and they’d prefer it to be of novel-length, so we also have the option to publish it as my first book next year!

The double-page spread means I have roughly 1200 words each month, which is NOT much if you have to create atmosphere and characters and move the story forward … it’s a challenge in its own right. I plan to write it as this year’s NationalNovelWritingMonth project, set up as a novel, and cutting it down for the monthly issues.

Another challenge will be the language: of course, this one will be my very first German novel, and I have no idea yet how my mother tongue will evolve in prose. It is all a huge opportunity as well as challenge, and I am really looking forward to the adventure!

P.S.: I am planning on a second, German author site, and have not yet decided how to execute this. Bear with me on this one. If you can read German, you will get the directions here, of course!

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