New Release: “Tower – Unchained by Love” – the 6th Tale of Freya is out!

I’m happy and proud to announce that today the new Tale of Freya, “Tower – Unchained by Love” releases. The “proud” here should be in capital letters, because it has been a long and bumpy road for this particular Tale, the sixth in my collection of sensual short stories:

Young Viking Myskia lands on Irish shores to rescue his lover Adisa from the clutches of his family’s enemy Raven. After a fierce duel, Myskia finds himself in the confined walls of a strange tower, facing Adisa. Their reunion turns out to be very different than what he imagined. Can the passion they once shared break down the walls that have grown between them after months of slavery? Or has she changed in ways he’s unprepared for?

The story behind the story is that I wrote it way before I even thought of the collection Tales of Freya. I wanted to explore what separation and sudden reunion can do to a couple that was torn apart by force, as it happened a LOT in those wild times. What would they go through, how would they face each other after the trauma – and would their love tear down all walls and heal them?

The first version of Tower was a straightforward, gritty and a bit bloody read. Then I thought it lacks some story arc and made it a novella with a strong touch of adventure, losing most of the sensual parts. I lost the story, to be honest, because I wasn’t sure anymore what it was. So then with the help of honest beta-readers and the concept of the Tales of Freya as framework, I reworked it all to what its essence is: to explore how love can overcome all obstacles … Our Viking hero ends up tearing metaphorical and real walls, those of the strange “tower”, which took on the role of a protagonist in its own right.

I was inspired to write this piece by the mysterious round towers you find in Ireland, for example Glendalough. Their history is unclear and a lot remains a mystery. So I decided to make such an extraordinary building and its narrow confines a setting for the reunion of two broken lovers. Similar to intimate chamber plays, the protagonists have to work through their emotions with no space to escape to. There is fear, shock, rejection and aggression. The tower is a shelter – and an obstacle. Its walls are protective – and confining, a temporary prison. How our hero manages to break down these real and metaphorical walls between himself and his lover is the tender but gritty story of what sudden slavery did to human beings who just wanted to live, and love.

I hope you enjoy this painful and uplifting Tale!

Happy reading & writing! 

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