“Battles – Sacrifices for Love” is out – and marks an ending

Today the last Tale of Freya releases, and it completes the collection of sensual Viking romance stories. This Tale wraps up the series (*sniff*) as well as the love- and fighting story of the two warriors Aldaith and Nyssa. It is the first time for them that a campaign takes an unplanned turn, and they decide to challenge fate. But only a painful decision can help them cope with the aftermath …

My designer friend John Saetrang created a promo-gem for you (and myself, I’m so in love with Aldaith here… I wanna embrace him and guide him to a long, warm shower, hehe)

Long after the fighting is over, Aldaith returns to the battlefield … but why?

Sarah Dahl, "Battles"

Battles” wraps up the gritty and sensual love story of Viking warrior Aldaith and his shield maiden Nyssa. The three blueish covers form a mini-trilogy within the collection (but can all be read stand-alone too).

  • The couple first meets in a river, as they wash off the blood and dirt of a gruesome campaign – and something deep and raw sparks between them, in “The Current – A Battle of Seduction“.
  • They fall for each other and join forces – in bed and battlefield. Their sensual duels heat up and have our couple face a life-changing revelation in “Bonds – Under the Armour.
  • But readers demanded more. And they were right, Aldaith and Nyssa’s story needed to come full circle. So now with “Battles – Sacrifices for Love” their journey became a mini-trilogy: two outstanding fighters and lovers facing every battle of heart and body head-on. Just look for the blueish covers among the Tales!

In a world of crackling fires and rough landscapes, long winters and bloody raids, the immediacy of life and death ignites undeniable passions. Warriors and monks, healers and housewives – all follow the call of their hearts and bodies to indulge in pleasures that may forever change their lives

Sarah Dahl, Tales of Freya

I’m so very proud and happy to see all my seven babies together. Creating them took years and so much emotion and hard work. Writing and editing them taught me a lot – some were rebellious like their Viking protagonists, and I had to wrestle them into shape for the collection. Others just wanted to be written and flowed easily onto the page, for example the passionate Aldaith stories. Every single one is very special to me and I can’t wait to hold them all in my hands …

…. because the paperback releases at the end of this year! YAY!

And so, with today’s release, our Tales of Freya are complete. I can’t believe it. My collection of sensual short stories now contains SEVEN steamy and gritty stories. They are all very different, and can be read as stand-alones, in or out of sequence.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support and motivation on this journey. I feel we arrived together at this shore, at this amazing beach we can stay on for a little while. You get the stew on the fires and just relax, preferably reading – while I’ll sneak off and continue plotting new exciting journeys – next time, the different legs might become a little longer, who knows … (well, I know ;-))

Takk and Skal to YOU and our Vikings’ journey!

Much love, enjoy “Battles”, read on, drink mead and be merry, until we set sail again, Sarah Dahl

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