Viking Romance “Yule Flight” published!

I’m excited to announce that as of today you can download and read my FREE Historical Romance novella “Yule Flight” from Smashwords! yuleflight

The Viking warrior Markus has recently become a Christian. He returns to his former foster home for the Yule banquet. He meets Sida again, his former foster sister, who is curious not only about his new god, but even more so the man himself. The attraction is mutual and Markus has to choose whether his god or the pagan woman wins on that night, while Sida makes a life-changing long-term decision.

It was a hard week of writing and formatting so that I got it done before Christmas as a present for all of you to enjoy! I hope you like it, and maybe you’d want to drop a comment or even review.

I will let you all know what that experience was like in a blog post after christmas.

Until then: Enjoy the holidays, have a wonderful time with your loved ones and hope to see you back soon!

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