Introducing: The Female Gaze

… or Why we need more women writers that are open and honest in shifting POVs.

I was planning a blog post for this Monday, as usual, but the topic’s research grew out of hand and I’ll have to split it up and do at least two posts. I will further narrow the topic down, but it all sums up as the revolutionary:

The Female Gaze

… in love scenes, romance, romantic stories/scenes, and esp. historical fiction (my genre so far).

I will talk about the idea in more detail, but Carol McGrath triggered something that stuck with me for some time:

And she is right and just as right is Eremi Amabebe, when she cleverly analysed in a comment here:

“There are so many myths out there about female sexuality — we need more ladies to go forth and illuminate!”

Basically, the Female Gaze will be about aspects of that: writing about love and sex and emotions, the turmoil that comes with it and why we DO need a female gaze and women’s voices (and eyes, of course ;-))!

I look forward to that.

Have a great week, reader and writer friends, and expect the first post by next Sunday or Monday. Happy writing/reading!

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    Eremi 27.04.2015 at 12:39

    Ohhh, I am excited! This has been one of my pet topics ever since reading the Laura Mulvey essay on the male gaze back in undergrad. Can’t wait to hear your take on it!

    Have you seen this site? … lots of good stuff there!

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