New Release: “Healer – The Gift of Dreams”

Finally, after a long battle against the evil flu-troops, I made it back aboard and beached this dragonboat at another wonderful destination: The fifth Tale of Freya, “Healer”, releases today!

Meet Viking farmer Magnus, who since his wife’s death is being tormented by demons. Powerless, he sends for a healer, the unexpectedly young and beautiful Aurd …

Read how their magic unfolds and gifts him with much more than the regaining of his physical strength …

Sarah Dahl Healer

Healer – The Gift of Dreams by Sarah Dahl

Viking farmer Magnus is plagued by a demon. Since his wife’s death, the dreaded Mara tortures his body and mind. Powerless, he sends for a healer, the unexpectedly young and beautiful Audr … Are her sensual powers and his unleashed virility enough to banish the demon from his bed? 

In “Healer” we dive deep into the spiritual world of the Vikings, their belief in elves, trolls, and their fear of the dreaded “mara” (which we today still know as “night-mare”). Sources about healing are sparse and most we know from sagas, but I’m not bending history too much when I let a sensual story unfold. Sensuality and sexuality could play a role in healing practices of the so-called seid-konas – so I play with that aspect in this magical but steamy Tale of Freya. In the end, Magnus is not only better, but receives an invaluable gift …


“Breathe deeper. Longer.”

Magnús wanted to protest, then to try, but something emanated from the tips of the healer‘s fingers that closed off his throat. He felt a hundred years old, but at the same time as helpless as a newborn.

The healer knelt behind him. Audr‘s voice made the little hairs in his neck prickle. “I’ll comb your hair, extract the vile spirits that got tangled in there. Too close to you.” Her last sentence was a mere whisper, and he shivered.

Too close to him.

He straightened as much as he could. Knives stabbed his back, right above his belt. He almost toppled over and yelped.

Then her hands were there, feeling the shape of his skull and the length of his hair. He felt the teeth of her comb slide into his snarled strands and hoped she wouldn’t notice that Alvi hadn’t bathed or groomed him lately. The gentle, consistent tugging at his hair was a rare caress and sent goosebumps across his scalp as she stroked from his forehead to where the strands ended below his shoulder blades. Her fingers didn’t touch him, but he had to bite his lips in an effort not to shudder with delight. The sensation was magical. So strong it numbed the sharpest stings of pain.

“Does she do it for you?” the healer asked.

“Who?” His voice came out breathless.

“Your slave.”

“I can look after myself.”

“Not in all respects.” Her inoffensive chuckle spoke a deeper truth.


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I hope you enjoy this new sensual Tale and are transported back to a time were elves shot arrows at innocent farmers and healers made powerful potions and runes to ban the chest-riding nightly “maras”!

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Takk og Skal to Magnus, Audr, and Alvi! (who the latter is, you must find out yourselves 😉)

Happy reading & writing

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