About ropes and robes – how the “Monk” was born

Releasing a sizzling “Monk” into the world!

Viking bear Bjorn has news: From today, the third sensual short story in the collection Tales of Freya is available on all major retailers: “Monk – Captured by Temptation

“Captured monk Alistair is taken to a Viking farm as a slave. In the dead of night, he is
disturbed by his new masters’ carnal reunion. The monk turns to fervent prayer, but soon he is interrupted by his alluring pagan mistress: Runa challenges him to break his vows โ€ฆ”

Challenges for the “Monk” – and his creator

While writing this story, I faced two major challenges. First, it is a more daring topic on severalย  levels. It features a man of God, a young and undecided one, or let’s say … curious. And he’s hot, of course, because we need chemistry between the captive and his mistress.

Am I really letting them do … what they wanna do?

Then we have the constellation of a Viking couple up for a challenging game; they are equally curious and want to learn more about their obedient slave with the glittering gaze, who this man really is who clutches his Bible but eyes his beautiful mistress with yearning. It was very challenging for ME to write their journey, because never before have I dared to bring together three people in a semi-dark room that sizzles with erotic tension. (Viking houses are always semi-dark, so that surely was not new, haha!) I’ve mentioned the challenge to overcome inner self-censorship as a writer and to really let go and write what the characters were invented for and want to do.

And: real Vikings don’t cut ropes!

Second, after the first draft, I had to face my experts on the Viking era (thanks, John) and explain WHY ON EARTH my Viking warrior CUTS the valuable rope he’s using to drag his new captive home. Why not, you ask? You saw it in the movies, you say? Well. I learned that rope was too valuable to be cut like it is no longer needed. But I wanted my hero to be freed with one swift cut of the knife, the blade touching his neck, and I wanted him to wince and stop that confident stare! But what do I know. So we discussed the more realistic iron collar, which would have meant a very different movement. My monk surely would have rolled his eyes at one point instead of displayed a sexy picture of surprise and a little fear, right? So in the end I found altering the story’s detail for this correctness too little rewarding. Once again, the stubborn shield maiden overruled the expert vote, and to this day we keep discussing how much realism there is allowed or HAS to happen in a story … (I wrote about this dilemma of especially historical writers here).

New shores!

So, hail Freya, for now the monk gets to keep his rope and his captor can cut it, because heck, I needed his shocked reaction. It would have been very different if the Viking had to fiddle with iron collars instead. So after adhering to all the other historical facts, we’ve reached another wonderful destination with our dragonboat, and I can’t wait to hear what you make of this daring Tale with several twists. It is short and hot, and I hope you enjoy it and can feel with our not-so-poor captive, whose turmoil quickly turns into a life-changing experience …

I wrote in my last blog about Self-censorship why it was a challenge not only for Alistair but also his creator (ahem) to write about what happens to him at the hands of his masters – but in the end I let go and let the characters take over, which always works best ๐Ÿ˜‰

Reviews are our provisions for the sail

If you want to know what they had in store for me – and you now! – get yourself the “Monk” and please: I can’t stress enough how important every single, however short, review afterwards is! ๐Ÿ™‚ Reviews are the writers’ food and can do a LOT towards making a story visible.

To celebrate together and give you the exclusive chance for a hearfelt gift, there will be a Viking-themed prize draw again very soon! You’ll be notified immediately ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for all your support and interest! On to new shores soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Sarah Dahl


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