Bonds – Under the Armour

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– The fourth in the “Tales of Freya” collection of sensual short stories set in the Viking age –


“Bonds – Under the Armour” is the sequel to the very first Tale “The Current – A Battle of Seduction and continues warrior Aldaith and shield maiden Nyssa’s story:

Warrior Aldaith and his shield maiden Nyssa engage in a heated skirmish to prepare for an imminent battle. But the looming slaughter makes their sensual duel get out of hand in more ways than one …


“Sarah Dahl brings a crisp, contemporary voice to an ages-old world of battle, bloodshed and primal indulgences.” – J.D. Lexx


“Her sensual Viking romance series (Tales of Freya) will drag you into a world history just can’t seem to forget, and everyone still finds fascinating. With her unique writing style and in-depth knowledge of this bygone era, she brings the world of clashing swords, dashing warriors, and strong, independent shield maidens to life.” – Elaine Coetzee


He wanted to turn, but she pushed until he had to bend forward. His forehead met bark. “Ah, stop now, woman.”

Her lips touched his ear. “Who wins?”

He turned his head to the side, forced to look up to her. “You’re impossible.”
He didn’t try to break free. It was the sweetest surrender he could think of. The way her muscles moved against him, toned precision …

“If I let you go now —”

“Be gentle.” He twisted slightly in her grip. “If you let me, I’d grab you and have you for night-meal. Breaking my arm wouldn’t help that pleasure, so think twice.” He moved, but she tightened her grip, pushing his arm up, pushing her luck.

They were both panting now. The rough bark scratched his front while her soft breasts caressed his back. He was grateful for the contrasting sensations, which made it impossible to start thinking about tomorrow. Right now, he’d rather concentrate on this fight.
He lowered his head. “Let me go. You win. Alright, shield maiden, you win.”

She chuckled sweetly while her tongue touched his earlobe, sending a jolt of excitement down his spine. “What’s my reward then, warrior?”

“Take what you want.”

Bonds – Under the Armour

Available: December 8th, 2017